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Sport Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sport Training - Essay Example

However, when lactate production is excessive, it accumulates in the muscles and the blood. Meanwhile, if the glycogen stores of the muscles and blood decrease, the exercises slow down and when the aerobic procedures undertaken are not sufficient, the exercise can not be maintained (Astrand & Rodahl, 1987; Fox, Bowers, & Fos, 1988; Weineck, 1986). Lactat is accumulated in the organism after all kinds of muscle exercise having maximal and supramaximal workload. It can even be observed within ten minutes workload (Jacops et al, 1983). The measurements of lactate in the muscle and blood are being done to determine these processes. Lactate measurements during exercise yield information on the intensity of the workload and on its duration. The measurements carried out after the exercise yield information on the frequency of workload and on its scope, that is, on resting-recovery process (Bueno, 1990).

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